August 30, 2019 351Studio

Project Spotlight August ’19

The beach parties in August are always the better option, but creating outstanding videos for your favorite summer hits can be super exciting as well. In the last four weeks or so we have been honored to put our creativity in service of some huge names, such as Robin Schulz, Why Don’t We, Rob Thomas, The Knocks, Cris Cab… as well as for some great independent artists which have a lot to say in the world of music.

LUM!X Gabry Ponte (Robin Schulz Remix) – Monster
Throwing back to the arcade era was an amazing journey for all of us who played the most famous games in the early ’90s for many many hours. Inspired by the most iconic games, we created an original Monster character who took the main role in Packman, Super Mario, Space Invaders, and many other famous arcade games. Of course, the main mission of the Monster character was beating the bad dragon and his sidekicks to save LUM!X, Gabry Ponte, Robin Schulz and the great music that they produce.

Sam Feldt – Post Malone (feat. RANI)
Sam Feldt’s single Post Malone featuring Rani became one of the hottest tracks this summer. Rani’s amazing voice and Sam Feldt’s masterwork were a huge inspiration for some famous DJ’s, such as Joe Stone, Friend Within, Gattuso, Cat Dealers, Vize, Alex Fosse, Pharien, to put their hands together and create some great remixes. We did videos for each of them, separated into two different styles. For the first 4 videos, we did rotoscoping on the actual footage and images of Sam Feldt and the Dj’s, while for the second set of 4 videos we created custom 3D characters in combination with live footage.

The Knocks – Awa-ni
It’s discouraging when after many days spent on set you’ll find that you had missed something, or notice some parts that can cause copyright issues. But, it’s not the end of the world. Yeah, the process of painting out is indeed really complex, demanding and also very expensive work, but it’s always cheaper than re-filming the same scenes, right. We can bet that you can’t recognize what was painted out, can you?

Why Don’t We – What Am I
Why Don’t We knows well what their fans really like to see, even when it’s a matter of a lyric video. For their latest single What Am I they provided us with some great beach footage, so we had a really easy task to do great editing and find the perfect font to incorporate the lyrics on top of the video.

Rob Thomas – Can’t Help Me Now
Rob Thomas is a true legend and one of our favorite clients. He came up with a great idea where a line drawing image of Rob is made up of the lyrics of the song. We liked his idea, so we created a video where the camera follows the lyrics and then at the very end it pulls back out so you can see that the lyrics are the lines that make the image of Rob.


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