March 29, 2021 351Studio

Music Video Production In The Great 2020 Lockdown – 351 Studio Retrospective

Although we have looked for thousands of ways to avoid mentioning the impact of the coronavirus in this mini retrospective of everything we have done in the past 365 days, we simply cannot escape the reality that is the new reality as the media calls it. The coronavirus has definitely taken away a lot of things from our normal daily lives that we lived until the beginning of 2020. The list of things we miss is extremely long, even too long for blogs from the people who are fully committed professionals on the subject, but fortunately, what we did not miss at all was the music.


Yes, it is a fact that we missed concerts, performances in pubs and restaurants, but musicians around the world quickly replaced the big concert halls with virtual stages on social networks, beautifying the everyday life of their fans with new pieces of their music. Aware that fans locked up at home need as much content as possible to fill their free time on social media or the internet, musicians and record labels immediately booked the video production companies. The ban on recording live videos as one of the measures against coronavirus that was valid for most of the year completely shifted the focus to alternative digital video content, such as lyric videos, animated videos, visualizers… which shone in all their glory.



As one of the largest companies serving the world music scene, 351 Studio was booked in advance most of the time in 2020. The planned annual plan was exceeded after the first seven months of the year, and thanks to our fantastic artists from our company who gave their best, we managed to end the year with twice as many produced videos as planned. For those who prefer numbers, 351 studio in 2020 produced an average of just over 2 videos per day. At the same time, none of the three main principles of the company such as the uniqueness, quality and timely delivery were never violated. For all this success, besides us, we are certainly grateful to our clients, many of whom are real professionals, who with their involvement in the production and precise comments made our work easier.


But how the videos were produced during the pandemic?

Certainly not too simple, especially when all the news, information and conversations started with conversations about the virus and the number of new infected people. Finding creativity in the worst moments of the pandemic that swept the world was challenging, but the positive atmosphere inside the company, the ability to leave its personal mark on world music history, and the creation of content that will bring complete audio-visual enjoyment were even more motivating. So, apart from music, we sought inspiration everywhere where life won, where there was joy, in every positive news, but also in the great victories that we celebrated every day, especially after the release of the videos we worked on for Bruno Mars, Nicki Minaj, Post Malone, Alice Cooper, Corey Taylor and more great names…


Of course, like most companies, we too were forced to turn our living rooms into offices. Although many of the worries about this relocation ended up with the guys of the IT sector, nevertheless the guys did a fantastic job providing us with perfectly secure work protocols that will protect the confidential materials of our clients. Yes, these are just some of the goals set behind the scenes that we can use to boost our reputation. Unlike the IT sector, the rest of us adapted very easily to the new work environments. The warmth of home and family had an inspiring effect on everyone, but on the other hand it also made it easier for us to work with clients from different time zones. Yes, working from home seemed like a serious challenge, but it brought a lot of positivity and values ​​that are already implemented in our work.


Below we have the pleasure to present you with the reels of our various production styles we use to create our videos.


Please do enjoy watching and of course STAY SAFE!


Motion Graphics 2020 Reel 



Cartoon Animation 2020 Reel


3D Elements 2020 Reel



Live-Footage 2020 Reel

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