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Lyric Video Production has become a huge part of the music industry. Approximately one-third of the music tv networks are playlisted with lyric videos. Almost 70% of all major music releases are supported by a lyric video, which points to the fact that just having a lyric video of any kind or quality is just not enough. Creative capacity has become crucial for any lyric video maker.

Here at 351 Studio, as a professional lyric video company, we tend to think outside of the box and express unique creativity while retaining the artist or that particular release branding. Our videos have gained a reputable high rotation and retention on all the major networks including the digital distribution channels. That’s why we’re trusted creative partners with some of the biggest major labels in the industry.

Our portfolio contains more than 3.500 lyric videos produced, and our team of 35+ in-house artists is a guarantee that the project will be finished on time and up to the daily standards of modern digital video production. So if you are looking for a lyric video maker, you’ve come to the right place. We know how to make great lyric videos.

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